Step into a world of unrivaled sealing precision with the ST-680CR, featuring the revolutionary S-Seal zipper. Engineered to perfection, this advanced design ensures a seamless seal between the door curtain and side guide, leaving no room for compromise. By minimizing energy loss around the curtain, the S-Seal delivers outstanding performance while maintaining essential pressure differentials. Elevate your expectations with the ST-680CR—where excellence meets efficiency!

Cold Storage and Cold Chain Logistics

Discover the secret behind the ST-750F's exceptional performance: the innovative spiral track and stainless steel synchronous belt drive system. This groundbreaking technology enables the SNCB-THERMA-100 stainless steel insulated door panel (100mm thick) to seamlessly glide up and down, effortlessly enduring hundreds of thousands of cycles each year.

Washdown Area

Meet your perfect partner for food industry – the ST-550W. Tailored for clients demanding both regular and effortless cleaning features, ST-550W is meticulously crafted with a full stainless steel design. Easy-to-access and leaving no hygiene corner untouched. Elevate your hygiene standards with the ST-550W – where functionality meets finesse.

Other Application

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