ST-680CR:Safeguard Your Cleanroom
SCHÜTS DOOR ST-680CR seamlessly combines ultimate sealing with door curtain aesthetics under high pressure! Your perfect guardian of efficient cleanroom logistics!
S-Seal curtain zipper of ST-680CR incapsulates flawlessly into the door side guide without any gaps. This exceptional sealing performance minimizes energy loss around the door curtain, while maintaining the ideal pressure differential on both sides of the door panel.

Key Features

Exceptional Sealing prevents particles from entering cleanroom

Guarantees Energy Efficiency by optimizing pressure differentials between inside and outside.

Flat and Aesthetic door curtain during over/under cleanroom pressure.

Tubular Motor – Space saving

Door curtain deformation poses a common challenge in cleanroom applications, especially under positive or negative pressure conditions. Traditional PVC curtains often lose elasticity and develop wrinkles due to pressure differentials, undermining the overall aesthetic appeal. SCHÜTS Door addresses this issue with its 2mm high-resistance fabric curtains, designed to withstand high pressure differentials.