Cold Storage and Cold Chain Logistics

ST-750F Stainless Steel high speed freezer door : Speed & Insulation All-in-One

Key Features

Perfect combination of thermal insulation and high speed! Ensuring optimal efficiency in cold chain logistics while minimizing operational and maintenance cost.

100mm Stainless Steel insulated door panel, ST-750F technology completely eliminates the occurrence of cold bridges

Discover cutting-edge sealing technology that effectively blocks heat exchange. Guarantee energy efficiency and maintain a consistent low temperature within your cold storage.

Energy efficient heating system keeps ST-750F frost-resistant in harsh environment

Discover the secret behind the ST-750F's exceptional performance
The innovative spiral track and stainless steel synchronous belt drive system. This groundbreaking technology enables the SNCB-THERMA-100 stainless steel insulated door panel (100mm thick) to seamlessly glide up and down, effortlessly enduring hundreds of thousands of cycles each year.

PUSH-LOCK® Sealing system
Sealing efficiency is vital for high-speed cold storage doors, as low sealing can lead to significant energy and cold air loss. Traditional sealing methods often result in wear and tear, driving up maintenance costs and compromising storage quality. The ST-750F features the push-lock® sealing system, ensuring a seamless, zero-wear seal that maximizes energy efficiency and maintains consistent temperature, safeguarding cold storage quality.

SNCB-THERMA-100 : Ultimate Insulation
SNCB-THERMA-100 is a key feature of the ST-750F. In modern cold chain logistics, high-speed cold storage doors face challenges in integration of both speed and insulation.

The ST-750F, while ensuring high-frequency operation, features the SNCB-THERMA-100 stainless steel insulated door panel for optimal insulation. With a 100mm thickness , ST-750F eliminates cold bridges, ensuring performance and maximizing energy efficiency. The U value of the SNCB-THERMA-100 door panel reaches 0.6W/m²K.