ST-750F (Stainless Steel High Speed Freezer Door
Feature & Benefit

ST-750F features the exclusive push-lock® sealing system. Upon door closure, this innovative system drives the SNCB-THERMAB-100 insulated door panel, securely pressing and locking it within the seal. With zero wear on the sealing strip, the push-lock® system maximizes energy efficiency and preserves a consistent temperature in storage, ensuring the integrity of frozen products

Technical Parameters


Schuts Door Type

High Speed Spiral Door (Stainless Steel Panel)
Application Cold Storage
Product Feature push-lock® sealing system + SNCB-THERMAB-100 insulated panel
Maximum Dimension 3000*3500
Speed (Max) 1.8m/s
Door Structure Stainless Steel
Door Panel SNCB-THERMA-100 SS insulated panel
Drum Stainless Steel
Covers Stainless Steel
Control System S-Logic3
Power Single Phase 220V/16A
Standard Detector Infrared barrier
Safety Wireless safety edge