ST-680CR (CleanRoom)
Feature & Benefit

SCHÜTS DOOR ST-680CR seamlessly combines ultimate sealing with door curtain aesthetics under high pressure! Your perfect guardian of efficient cleanroom logistics!
S-Seal curtain zipper of ST-680CR incapsulates flawlessly into the door side guide without any gaps. This exceptional sealing performance minimizes energy loss around the door curtain, while maintaining the ideal pressure differential on both sides of the door panel.

Technical Parameters

Application Clean Room
Product Feature S-Zipper Sealing & Tubular motor
Maximum Dimension 3000*3500
Speed (Max) 2m/s
Structure Galvanized Steel
Curtain 1.2mm PVC( 2mm high resistance fabric option)
Sideguide Galvanized Steel
Covers Galvanized Steel
Vision Panel Option
Control System S-Logic1
Power Single Phase 220V/16A
Standard Detector Infrared barrier
Safety Wireless safety edge
Curtain Color Yellow RAL1003 Orange RAL2004
Blue RAL5002 Grey RAL7038