ST-650High Speed Zipper Door
Technical Parameters

Schuts Door Type High Speed Zipper Door
Application Inside
Product Feature Anti Crash Self-repairable, Sealing with S-Zipper
Maximum Dimension 3500*3500
Speed (Max) 2m/s
Door Structure Galvanized Steel
Door Curtain 1.2mm PVC (Optional 2mm high resistance fabric - max 3000*3500)
Side guide Galvanized Steel
Covers Galvanized Steel
Vision Panel Option
Control System S-Logic2
Frame Integrated LED panel Optional(Stainless Frame)- upgrade to X-Logic
Power Single Phase 220V/16A
Standard Detector Infrared barrier
Safety Wireless safety edge
Curtain Color Yellow RAL1003 Orange RAL2004
Blue RAL5002 Grey RAL7038